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For what application are you looking for a sustainable compound?

Take advantage of our recycled compounds for trading activities and the automotive, electronics and construction sectors.

Dijmex compounds are a safe and sustainable solution for manufacturers in various sectors,

because they meet the very highest requirements.

With recycled compounds from Dijmex, you save costs and the environment and comply with today's requirements and standards,

while also having the guarantee of a compound that is equivalent to a virgin one.

Join Dijmex in driving evolution in the production chain in trading activities and the automotive, electronics and construction sectors.

Automotive sector

As a manufacture in the vehicle industry, you are looking for raw materials of constant quality. A compound must be and remain thermally and mechanically stable. You want to respond to the call for sustainable products while keeping costs under control. Dijmex recycles new compounds out of residual streams that are practically the same as virgin compounds. For vehicle speakers, door panels etc. of consistent quality.

Trading activities

As manufacturer in the production industry, you are looking for intermediate products that are reliable and sustainable in every aspect. Reliably of high quality and sustainable for the environment. Dijmex makes new compounds and recovers raw materials from which to make new compounds from old products. Besides compounding plastics, Dijmex acts as agent in the trading of technical plastics. Since 1978, Dijmex has built up an extensive network specialising in trading in technical plastics streams and reusing these streams in existing and new supply chains. For more information about Dijmex’s trading activities, please contact one of our account managers.


As an electronics manufacturer, you want to work with raw materials that meet all the safety rules. Flame-retardant and resistant to high temperatures. Dijmex manufactures compounds for use in commonplace electrical equipment for the home and office, such as strip lights and televisions. And also connectors, wires and cables. Our compounds meet the standards you impose on your end product and moreover are produced sustainably and in a closed cycle.

Building & construction

In building & construction, you want to work with raw materials that both reduce risks and impact the wallet and the environment as little as possible. Engage Dijmex to replace existing plastic solutions with ones of the highest quality that meet the latest construction rules. Prevent fire and the release of harmful substances with fire-retardant compounds and construct the houses and offices of the future energy-efficiently.

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