Innovation & Development

Innovation &


New standards and requirements demand constant innovation.

In our own laboratory, we investigate continuously how we can develop even better compounds

while keeping an close eye on the quality-price balance of a compound.

Met ‘The Dijmex Quality’ als ons kwaliteitskeurmerk.

Our laboratory

In our laboratory, we monitor the quality of our products before, during and after the production process, so that their properties remain constant.


Here, we also make compounds to order for many clients, with the properties of the end product as departure point.

The Dijmex Quality

Our logo symbolises our quality.


The pyramid stands for maintaining consistency and for strength and quality.


Inside, there is an open system,

and we close the loop by recycling raw materials

and returning them into use.


We guarantee our quality in a strict quality process,

from inspection to testing.


Inspections are the connecting thread throughout our entire process. We inspect all our materials thoroughly for mechanical and rheological properties such as impact resistance, density, DSC and MFI.


We select the materials that meet our requirements and make a new composition from them. After new checks, the basic formula for the new compound is defined. To this, we add various ingredients in order to produce the desired final product, such as impact resistance modifiers , mould release, glass fibre, colouring agents, stabilisers, antioxidants and fire retardants.


The purpose of the analysis is to assess whether the final product meets the requirements. To this end, we do new QA checks on the compound produced. We base the Certificate of Analysis on the average of these samples.


With our Dijmex Quality process, we guarantee high-quality plastics that remain consistent in the long term. This makes the rejection percentage of our final products exceptionally low. We test our end products against multiple criteria so we can safeguard our guarantees to you.

Work towards a better future with Dijmex

Together with us, innovate and develop your recycled compound

to satisfy all your customers’ wishes and requirements

and to work towards a better world.