Compounding to order

Compounding to order

Dijmex compounds to order for you,

from both virgin and recycled raw materials.

We develop and improve test compounds in our test facilities

until we have the compound you desire.

Contract compounding

Dijmex re-processes and improves technical plastics to order. They might for example gain a new life from waste streams, delivering major savings for both the environment and the wallet. We conduct all our work according to the requirements and procedures of ISO 9001:2015.



Dijmex homogenises large plastics streams, during which we change and/or improve the properties to keep the entire batch constant. After the homogenisation process, we can define the properties exactly and provide an analysis certificate.


Through testing, we can provide insight into the properties of the plastic. In our own laboratory, we have the facilities to conduct multiple tests, including the determination of MFI, impact, DSC and FTIR. From this, we supply an analysis certificate.


Dijmex can also package the end products, and you can choose from various types of packaging: Big Bags, Octabins or bags of 25 kg on pallets. Direct from the silo in bulk by truck is also possible.

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