About Dijmex

Green plastics

great plastics

Dijmex delivers and produces sustainable compounds originating from recycled streams

for organisations that demand reliable quality. die duurzame kwaliteit verlangen.

Our compounds are applied all over the world

in automotive, electrical engineering and other products.


We develop our plastics such that they are fully reusable. We also have everything necessary in house to make recyclates from material that is not directly reusable. In this way, we drastically reduce CO2 emissions in comparison to virgin plastics, and work towards a greener world.


Technical plastics are complex. We understand our trade and compound our plastics so that all product characteristics are and remain constant.


To this end, we analyse, test and check every granule in our own laboratory until it earns our Dijmex Mark of Quality.

Knowledge and expertise since 1938

Knowledge is our family company’s most prized possession: it is your guarantee of a durable quality product. We have built our knowledge up meticulously since our founding in 1938 and continue to safeguard it with our heart and soul to this very day, as we believe that knowledge makes the difference. This is how we know how to make high-grade compounds out of complex plastics such as polycarbonate, or a new composition of recycled materials, that is nearly equivalent to a virgin product.

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Work with us to maintain the environment and natural sources. Opt for recycled compounds.

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